Mother’s Day … A mixed bag of emotions


Wishing all the mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day. Will spend time with my mum tomorrow. Making some chocolate-covered strawberries for her. 🙂 Dad hates chocolate so she’ll have them all to herself. 😀

As I get older I find that I’m more and more appreciative that my mother is still around and that I could never have asked for a better mother. I’ve also been blessed with awesome mother figures, including one kick-ass godmother who is no longer here. At the same time, I become very bummed that the title “mother” hasn’t been bestowed upon me. I knew in my 20s that biological kids would not be a part of my agenda thanks to various health issues. I’ve always wanted to adopt a couple of kids—and would still love that opportunity. Adopting children in this country comes with so many obstacles. Plus, finding the right mate who wants to be a father or go through the adoption process is overwhelmingly challenging (no, that’s not the first question I’ve asked guys I’ve dated since my nightmare of a marriage all those years ago). Over time, the “children” question comes up and the response is, “Children are so much work” or “I’m not interested if they’re not ‘mine.’” I’d never consider adopting kids, even older ones, on my own. Living with chronic illnesses, I NEED someone else to help care for them.

I see friends posting the most adorable stories and pics of their young and not-so-young children and it warms my heart, yet, also saddens me.

Despite the cynical, sarcastic side I present to most people, there is that warm, mother-ish side that lurks and comes out at appropriate times. It’s probably the core of my career and volunteering activities—I care and I want to help and nurture others to the best of my ability. Many people tell me to get a pet. Well, for me, a pet is not the same. Sure, they don’t talk back and they love unconditionally but it would not fill the void for me. Plus, the only pet I’ve truly ever wanted is a miniature horse. Whenever I have the space and money, that miniature horse will be mine! Hopefully, by some miracle, kids—even older kids (i.e., pre-teens or teens)—will also be a part of the picture — someone else to help care for the horse!

Okay, that’s out of my system now. I’ll get back to what I should be working on.

Have a fabulous Mother’s Day!