Songs of Memories and Memories of Songs

Between projects today, I took a mental break by taking an hour-long drive in somewhat quieter areas of my fair city. I plugged in my phone to load up the music library, placed it on shuffle, and cruised.

The lineup was interesting. Four songs in a row brought back memories of certain people and places in my life.

1) “Overcome” by Live took me back to sitting on the couch in a friend’s living room in Brussels as the sun was rising on a cold morning. That song was on the radio at that moment.

2) “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison brought back memories of my godmother singing that song to me as she swayed around her living room and I sat on the floor as a little girl.

3) “Crosses” by José González reminded me of a very dear friend who died in a motorcycle accident four years ago. I always feel he’s speaking to me through that song.

4) “Ave Maria” – Aaron Neville’s version, reminded me of my paternal grandfather. It was the first song I heard on the radio right after my father called to tell me he had died. I didn’t get to know my grandfather well, but I feel this song is “our” song.

If I had kept driving, I wonder what other memories would’ve wafted out of the stereo.