Sign, sign, everywhere a sign …

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign …

This morning before heading to my “remote office” (Starbucks), I really needed to feel inspired to work on one of the projects I’ve been working on for a couple of months for someone. It’s a project in alignment with the business I’ve been establishing. Anyway, I have tons of books. Books on myriad subjects: music and musicians, geography, emergency services and safety, architecture, history, gardening, travel, various languages, a few random books of fiction, spirituality, physics, astronomy… the list continues. Anyway, I like to randomly pick up a book and turn to a page to read and see if there are any “messages” for me. I rarely come away without some sort of message — it’s sometimes vague, but usually applicable to whatever I’m seeking. Today, I just needed something to encourage me with the task ahead.

The book I picked up this morning is an autobiography by my favorite musician, producer, and songwriter Daniel Lanois—Soul Mining: A Musical Life. It’s a fun read and inspiring, as well as a bit of a technical treasure for those of us into such things. Well, I turned to pages 52-53 where he goes from talking about a Mini Moog (synthesizer) to talking about the arrangement of speakers in exhibit halls to recalling Canadian hotel gigs back in the day, one of which was a hotel in Sturgeon Falls where he found a large, coiled rope anchored to the floor. It was to be used to help you escape out the room window in the event of a fire.

Of all the pages to turn to in this book, I turn to the one paragraph that is related to emergency preparedness! The inspiration I needed to work on my project of the same subject! Thank you Daniel! BTW, the rope for use as an escape tool is so not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act! But I digress, kind of. 🙂

The first sign of the day.

The first sign of the day.

I had to stop downtown to pick up mail at the post office before heading to my remote office. As I left the post office, I spotted several military guys in uniform walking up to the capitol building for some sort of ceremony. Another sign!

I make it to my remote office; order a new tea (I don’t drink coffee). I’ve been hooked on their chai forever, but was encouraged recently to try something new by the dapper cashier. (The tea choice was so good, I could’ve kissed that man!) This morning’s choice: Blackberry mojito green tea with lemonade. Awesome! Anyway, I found a cozy seat in the corner and started working. I love feeling productive. As I was halfway through what I was working on, a guy sat next to me in a uniform. He was a paramedic! Another sign!

The signs or good omens are always around pointing us in the direction of inspiration and hope. Let’s see what else I can find today. 🙂

One-year Anniversary with Imuran

July 19 marked the one-year anniversary of my relationship with Imuran (aka, azathioprine). It’s been one hell of a time. The first two days were fab. The next several weeks were pure hell as Imuran was not going to allow me to keep anything down. MG was being its typical asshole self the whole time. Hair started coming out in a major way after four months or so on it. It was around that time that I started noticing that I was better able to make it through a few extra hours each day, but when I crashed, I crashed hard. Today, thanks to letting go of a major stressor (my former employer), and having a little more time to rest when I need to, things have become a bit more stable. I still crash, but it isn’t as difficult to recover. My hair no longer comes out in clumps, just cycles of major shedding then new growth (all gray ). I still occasionally experience bouts of nausea but all in all, Imuran and I are getting along to fight the MG demon. Perhaps this time next year I’ll be able to walk one or two miles of my former four-mile route around the lake.

Happy Anniversary, Imuran!