Illness on top of illness on top of feeling forgotten and frustrated

I was one of those lucky saps who managed to pick up the flu this season. I had my annual flu shot in October last year. This evil creature has managed to make my myasthenia gravis symptoms worse over the course of the last few days. The worst part of it has been the fever. I hate fever. I know it’s the body’s way of “burning up” the loveliness attacking the system, but I feel awful. Aches and pains and the occasional clothes-and-linen-drenching sweats are just icky! Today is the first day since Wednesday last week that my body temp has been in the more sane range of 98-99F. It hovered at 102 for a few days. My normal temp is 97.6F. I went through three large boxes of Kleenex (I’ve been sporting a nice Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer nose) and I’ve practically worn out welcome with my bed and sofa. I swear I can hear a low groan from them when they see me dragging my limbs toward one or the other.

This kind of sickness is considerably easier to handle without the daily battle with a chronic illness that alone can make you feel like @$%#. I swear the MG demon has been 50x larger than normal this week. I’ve had the foot drag, the drooping mouth and eyes, the challenge of lifting a simple tea cup to my mouth, the having to hold on to something to be able to rise up from a chair, the effort of trying to brush my teeth and shower, and let’s not forget trying to cook something to eat.

On the topic of health, my so-called “affordable healthcare” is NOT affordable. I’m not a single mother of ten kids from as many different men so I’m not eligible for assistance. I’m simply an entrepreneur who has paid into the system for more than half of her life and has been dealt the challenge of health issues that have drained my savings, retirement, etc. I’m officially out of funds. Actual goose eggs in my accounts. I’m now facing having to find temp or part-time work outside of  home again to keep my very humble roof over my head. It scares me knowing that I’m going to have to dive—hopefully temporarily—back into the chaos of someone’s office to make money until I complete a key part of my business and I’m ready to roll it out to potential clients. Things could have been finished by now but as many with chronic illnesses know, it’s challenging to balance everything in a way that allows for the most productive management of time — time for working/creating and time for resting/recovering.

I know several people battling some of the same chronic health issues but they have the fortune of having someone to assist them, especially at home. I’m not in that category. I’ve let go of having a spotless space. I used to practically detail my car once a month and my apartment every Saturday. I’m lucky if my car gets washed every other month and my apartment gets a cleaning every three weeks. Since it’s just me, it doesn’t get too out of hand. Laundry might pile up for a couple of weeks and the shower gets cleaned once a week instead of after every shower. I have to turn a blind eye to the chaos that is on my living room table. People who know me well would really know I’m not well upon seeing how messy it is. No one has been over to my place since, oh, sometime last summer. One person was going to stop by for a visit, but didn’t. I even summoned some energy and strength to vacuum and tidy up a bit just from the sheer joy of a friend stopping by. I heard from them a couple of weeks later. Just a note saying hi. No explanation. I didn’t even bother to ask. I know I’m not on anyone’s priority list these days. I have to accept that and keep moving on.

I’ve taken periodic breaks from the social media realm, namely that place with the initials F and B. I find myself feeling envious of those with more stability in their lives and tons of people around who at least appear to care. That used to be me. I miss that part of my past. I’ll probably hide until after Valentine’s Day. I will not be tormented by all the beautiful bouquets and candies being gifted. Christmas was bad enough.

Now that all of that is off my chest, I’ll get back to trudging through business work, looking for temp work, and blowing my bloody nose.

I sorely want to punch the flu in the face right now but the bastard MG has my arms.