A Blanket of Optimism

Earlier this week I was sitting in my living room when all of a sudden a most delightful blanket of optimism and the feeling that something fabulously awesome was about to happen draped itself over me. I have no idea what this fabulously awesome thing is or when I’ll see it, but I’m ready for it!

Nothing like this has ever hit me before. I’ve had a challenging week health wise since then but I’m still trying to keep holding on to the gift of feeling optimistic for a change. We’ll see where this goes.

3 thoughts on “A Blanket of Optimism

  1. I’m going through a diagnosis phase that was started due to ptosis of the right eye. How did you get diagnosed?

    • I was diagnosed after going through the antibody tests and an EMG. Both tests were positive. I was retested s few months later by a different neurologist for a second opinion. Their tests were also positive. In hindsight, I was having symptoms ~ a year before diagnosis but they were so subtle they were not tied together until the testing. I had intermittent vision changes (blurriness) for a while and slight eye drooping (only noticeable now when I look back at photos of myself back then). People often commented that I looked sleepy even when I wasn’t. These days, my left eye droops slightly–usually by the end of the day and I have occasional blurry/double vision. Mestinon helps my eyes, but doesn’t work on the rest of my body.

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