May 9, 2013

No work today. Fever @ 101. Body aching and all of my muscles are terribly weak. I could barely walk from my bedroom to the bathroom without holding onto the walls. Managed to spend about 30 minutes in the living room today. The remainder of the time was spent sleeping in bed. Didn’t get out of my PJs all day. Didn’t shower. Didn’t do anything.

May 8, 2013

Oh how weak I am this morning!!! 😦 I also feel very rundown as if I’m fighting off something. Will be traveling to the second city on this trip this morning for a meeting. I just need to make it through the day until 2 or 3 when the meeting ends and I can go back to Austin. May venture to Fort Worth to visit one of my uncles.


Meeting ended at 3. I was worn out and beat up. I just didn’t see making it back to Austin but I had to. I canceled plans to go to Fort Worth. I just needed to get home. I had to mentally focus very hard to make it back. All I wanted was to lie down.


I finally made it home ~7 p.m. I went to bed early. Was running a fever. Great. 😦

May 7, 2013

I survived the first of two days of work-related travel. My challenge: trying to keep up with everyone as we took a tour of the facilities and navigating the stairs with my body and my laptop bag. So frustrating to think that more than a year or so ago, this would not have been as great of a challenge at all. Now, I feel self-conscious regarding my muscle weakness. I’m grateful one of my coworkers offered to carry my laptop bag. It did ease the strain. I’m grateful that there was an elevator to take me back upstairs after our journey down to the bowels of the facility. I so want to be strong and fully able again.