Blood work and peeing in a cup

Visited with my primary neurologist today. He’s concerned about my reoccurring fevers. Will have more blood work in the morning and I have the wonderful privilege of peeing in a cup—always so much fun! Not. If I have an infection, it will delay the start of chemo treatment. He calls it “low-dose” chemo. I call it chemo. I’m just not buying this concept of “low dose.” I’ve talked to several  myasthenics who’ve been on one or both of the meds being considered for me (Imuran and CellCept) and it seemed to be 50-50 those who had typical chemo reactions and those who did not. I’d love to be in the latter category. I’m not so concerned about potential hair loss as much as I am about gastrointestinal issues. My GI tract has always been victim #1 and quite fussy. I’ll know more in a few days when the next round of medical fun shall commence.

I was pretty much a limp rag doll in the doctor’s office this morning. Doctor commented that he admired my fight. Even though I went to work for a bit today, I sure did not feel like fighting—or punching anyone in the face. I felt like crawling under my desk and curling up into the tightest ball to get away from everything.

I’ll now curl up in a ball in bed now and go to my happy place — sleep.

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