Talking Behind My Back While I Suffer

I’ve been homebound today thanks to excessive weakness and a fever. Why fever? I have no idea. Just one of those things I suppose. I slept most of the day and I’m ready for more sleep.

I called my neurologist’s office today to find out what the holdup is regarding a new prescription for me. It appears my two neurologists are not agreeing with each other’s ideas of treatment for me. Lovely. Personally, I’m not in full agreement with either of them! I’ll be seeing my primary neurologist Thursday morning for an in-person discussion of the matter.

My mother said I need to find a third opinion. That would be fine if I had funds for a third opinion. I found an Ayurvedic center that mentioned treatment for myasthenia gravis. I sent them an e-mail to see what they’re really about. We’ll see if they respond.

Lead-heavy arms and legs are not for me. I need my ability to kick and punch. Seriously.

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