June 21, 2013: The Demotion?

Well, apparently I missed the memo that I was demoted to be a coworker’s personal secretary.

I normally keep my headphones on during the day at work, especially when I really need to focus on whatever I’m working on. I guess this was the wrong day to use my blocking-out-the-world-around-me technique. Said coworker walked around the corner to her cube (she has to pass me to get to her cube) and raised her voice at me asking if her phone had been ringing. Since when was I supposed to be monitoring her phone?

Two more steps and a glance at her phone would have answered her question if someone had called her. I did not hear her phone or anyone else’s phone since I obviously had my headphones on blocking out such nonsense.

I pulled the ear buds from my ears, tossed them on my desk, and responded that I had no idea since I had my ear buds in and that I was not paying attention. Mind you all, I had a surge of rage greater than the energy that could be released from Mt. Vesuvius! Am I supposed to be listening for everyone’s phones now? Really? And people wonder why I’m not happy at my job. I’m constantly having to deal with other people’s weirdness and ridiculous demands.

I placed my ear buds back in my ears, cranked the music even louder, and painfully pounded on my poor keyboard to keep from turning around and punching someone in the face. This sudden surge in anger did not help my MG. I was a super weak mess by the end of the day.

Still full of rage when I left, the tears came on the way home. The rage had to be released in some way. That’s how it happened. I’m not a teary person. I guess I am now because the tears continued after I made it home and until I finally went to bed at the lovely hour of 8 p.m. That’s ridiculously early for me. I started questioning my worth again and wondering why I keep finding myself in situations where people feel they can bitch at and boss me. I’m not going to let this happen again. If I get fired for yelling at someone for being an ass toward me some day, so be it. I’m done!


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